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Fit System®


Sophisticated aesthetics that can be moved at a moment's notice

fit system by Anthro

Introducing Anthro's revolutionary new fit system furniture. Innovative, contemporary, elegant. It fits you, your space, your hardware.

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There's a reason we call this furniture fit. You have specific places where you want your things. You have your own way of working. Your furniture should complement your personal style, plus completely fit your computer requirements.

That's why you have lots of choices with the fit system, beginning with the type and size of the Station that you choose as your basic building block. From there, add other Stations, plus some of the Personal Finishing Touches, for a work environment that is incredibly contemporary and elegant.

And best of all, fit has all the features that you've come to appreciate in Anthro products. There are holes in 1" increments in the legs to adjust the shelf height. Dozens of Accessories are available so you can completely customize your Station. fit usually ships the next business day because we manufacture it ourselves. And, like all Anthro products, fit has a Lifetime Warranty.

Anthro adjust units
Adjust Units

recessed monitor units
Recessed Monitor Units
30" wide standard unit
30 wide Standard Unit
36" wide standard unit
36 wide Standard Unit
48" wide standard unit
48 wide Standard Unit
60" wide standard unit
60 wide Standard Unit
72" wide standard unit
72 wide Standard Unit
24" wide utility unit
24 wide Utility Unit
30" wide utility unit
30 wide Utility Unit

The fit system looks at materials in a whole new way. Prepare to enjoy very contemporary solutions for your age-old storage challenges. fit gives you umpteen possibilities for organizing and keeping everything within arm's reach. You decide what goes where. Hook it on, roll it around, stack it up. It's all so modular, everything always fits.

Ergonomics. Comfort. Maximizing space. These are all concepts that affect how you spend your working time. With the fit system, it's up to you. You determine how many surfaces you want, and what height you want those surfaces to be (there are holes in one inch increments in the fit system legs).

It's a given that your workspace will change, and be moved, many times in the future. Which is why we say at Anthro, mobility is a beautiful thing.
Especially if what you want to move around are dividers and marker boards. Life gets much easier on casters. The fit system takes an innovative approach to work cubes and meetings. Roll in, roll out. Take the marker board with you. Take your wall, too. It all fits your work style.
fit system screens

Personal Finishing Touches
Personal Finishing Touches are wonderful ergonomic additions to any Station, since they primarily focus on the height of your work surfaces, and your keyboard and monitor height. Scroll down for ways to make your Station even more comfortable for you.

fit system 5" castors
5in Casters
fit system ext tubes
Ext Tubes
fit system keyboard & mouse caddy
Keyboard and Mouse Caddy
























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