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The Zido family brings a fresh look to Anthro's mobile medical computer and laptop cart offerings. With dozens of options, design your own custom mobile medical equipment cart, EMR cart, or instrument cart. Zido carts come with a Lifetime Warranty, so you know they're built to last.

Zido fixed height cart Zido adjustible height cart Zido Pole Cart
Zido Fixed Height
Choose between two widths (22" or 25") and three heights (31", 35", or 40") to find the right Zido for you. Makes a perfect mobile laptop cart or computer cart because it's so compact and stable. Or load it up with storage and ergonomic accessories for your lab or medical equipment.
Zido Adjustable Height
With the squeeze of the paddle, adjust the height of this Zido from 30” to 40”. Available in two widths – 22” and 25” – and ready to customize from the long list of accessories. Use Zido as a presentation cart, laptop cart, or medical equipment cart.

Zido Pole Cart
The Zido Pole Cart (66” high) comes with just the tall pole and the base so you can outfit it just the way you need. Choose from shelves, monitor mounts, and more to customize your cart.


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