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Audio-Video Extension


Emerge MPX Multipoint Wired/Wireless Extender
The MPX extender uses IEEE 802.11n MIMO-based radios, setting the highest standard for wireless HD video distribution in terms of visual acuity, transmission distance and noise immunity.

Wired or wireless, it delivers superior performance.

The Emerge® MPX multipoint HD extenders provide wireless or wired connectivity for distribution of high-definition content from a source to one or more destinations. The MPX transmitters and receivers work in unison to form a managed audio/video extension network able to deliver a synchronized stream of high-definition computer graphics or video and associated audio from a source to as many as eight display devices.

The MPX 1550 extender combines Avocent’s field-proven MPX extender technology with IEEE 802.11n MIMO-based radios, thereby setting the highest standard for wireless HD video distribution in terms of visual acuity, transmission distance and noise immunity. All models support up to eight receivers, and the MPX 1450 and MPX 1550 extenders can be expanded using the MPX 1550AP Access Point to expand the number of displays for large-scale venues involving multiple floors, departments or buildings such as universities, theme parks, hospitals and airports.

Emerge MPX Multipoint Wired/Wireless Extender Data Sheet


LongView Wireless 3500 Extension Solutions
The LongView® wireless extender is a point-to-point solution for computer-based audio/video sources that need to extend LCDs, monitors, plasma displays or projection devices.

Quickly eliminate cabling with secure wireless.

The LongView® Wireless extender simplifies A/V installations by eliminating the need for cabling and expensive PCs at each remote location. The extenders provide quick, simple installation with no software to download or controls required.

Connectivity between computer-based audio/video sources and display devices is quickly realized, including LCDs, monitors, plasma displays and projection devices. Audio, video and PC content is transmitted wirelessly from the source computer to the output device utilizing a unique proprietary compression engine. The transmitter and receiver process analog video in a range of 150 feet through walls and up to 300 feet line of sight.

Its industry-standard design makes the LongView Wireless extender compatible with virtually any PC, display technology and operating system. Radio transmission begins instantly once the transmitter and the receiver are plugged in. The LongView Wireless extender also features a user-friendly on-screen display (OSD) for managing connectivity, making adjustments and tuning the audio/video settings.

LongView Wireless 3500 Data Sheet










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