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electronic trading desks - flat screen furniture - trading desks - enclosures - intelligent workspaces - command centers - 911 call centers

UPS - power management - surveillance software - power distribution units

KVM over IP - KVM switches

plasma LCD - monitoring devices - cable management - fire safe enclosures - media storage racks


KVM over IP Appliances

Data Center Management Software

KVM Appliances
IP Appliances

Analog Appliances
Desktop Appliances

Secure KVM Appliances
SwitchView SC switching system

Serial Appliances
ACS advanced console servers

Power Distribution Units
Avocent PDU's

Service Processor Managers
Avocent MergePoint® Service Processor Managers (SPMs)

LCD Console Trays
LCD Trays

Extension Products
Audio-Video Extension
KVM Extension

Embedded Management Software
Avocent MergePoint® EMS

Legacy Products: Apex and Cybex


Eliminate distance limitations with KVM over IP systems by allowing access and control of remote servers and other network devices from the data center, the NOC or any other location.



MergePoint Unity® switch

DSR® switches

HMX desktop over IP extender system solution

Avocent AutoView® digital KVM switches

SwitchView® IP remote access device






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