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electronic trading desks - flat screen furniture - trading desks - enclosures - intelligent workspaces - command centers - 911 call centers

UPS - power management - surveillance software - power distribution units

KVM over IP - KVM switches

plasma LCD - monitoring devices - cable management - fire safe enclosures - media storage racks


MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer Software

Data Center Management Software

KVM Appliances
IP Appliances
Analog Appliances
Desktop Appliances

Secure KVM Appliances
SwitchView SC switching system

Serial Appliances
ACS advanced console servers

Power Distribution Units
Avocent PDU's

Service Processor Managers
Avocent MergePoint® Service Processor Managers (SPMs)

LCD Console Trays
LCD Trays

Extension Products
Audio-Video Extension
KVM Extension

Embedded Management Software
Avocent MergePoint® EMS

Legacy Products: Apex and Cybex


Know, plan and manage your...everything.

The power of actually seeing IT. Visual modeling that delivers real-time insight, so you can simply plan and manage your data center.

The synergies between MergePoint™ Infrastructure Explorer software and Avocent’s portfolio of products consist of the management of devices that are already integrated into data centers around the world.

MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer can be configured to work closely with DSView® 3 management software, Power Management, Asset Lifecycle Manager and the hardware portfolio Avocent has to offer.

By leveraging the power of Avocent’s portfolio and the associated infrastructure hardware, you have the ability to successfully manage your environment within the data center or around the globe.

No other vendor offers the combination of robust data center planning, change management and integration with Avocent’s active infrastructure products.

KNOW – The authority you need to command all your assets
•Validation, reconciliation and aggregation of data from multiple heterogeneous sources into a central asset repository •Quickly assess the “state of IT” with information such as power and HVAC utilization

PLAN – The power to visualize “what if”
•Keep track of and manage relationships between assets and dependent data, including the transition between lifecycle stages
•Virtually move and alter data center layouts from the floor to the rack to the individual component, then see what effects those changes have

MANAGE – The insight you need to reduce risk
•Proactively manage compliance with tracking of operational, financial and contractual aspects of each IT asset
•Actually see how an asset is working (or not working) and see whatever is being displayed by currently running programs

MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer Software DATA SHEET

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