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Healthcare Product Line

The Ergotech Group has developed a line of products to address the needs of the healthcare industry. From nursing stations to mobile carts, patient rooms and radiology suites, Ergotech provides ergonomic mounting products that allow healthcare providers to function more easily and efficiently. Readily accessible patient records and information allow healthcare providers to more effectively provide patient care.

Ergotech recognized the need for these products to be easily adjustable in order to accommodate the multiple different providers using each station. The product line will include options for not only monitor mounts but also keyboard trays and CPU holders. Please contact an Ergotech representative to learn more about the product offerings and how they can streamline the complete healthcare process from record keeping to the delivery of patient care.

Available third quarter 2009

low profile wall station healthcare
complete wall mount system healthcare
mobile workspace cart healthcare
Low Profile Wall Station (Model: 800-W60-S03)
Our low profile mounting system provides a convenient way to enter or retrieve information.

Complete Wall Mount System (Model: 800-W60-S23)
Ergotech’s complete wall mount solution accommodates a flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse, as well as a CPU.

  Mobile Workspace Cart (Model: 800-C60-S03)
The Ergotech mobile workspace cart accommodates a flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a CPU onto a stabile, yet portable cart.

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