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Generac Power Systems



Modular Power Systems

Product Description

When it comes to specifying large kilowatt projects between 300 kilowatts and 3000 kilowatts, there is a new alternative solution available right now from Generac Power Systems: the Modular Power System (MPS). For higher kilowatt requirements, the Modular Power System utilizes multiple diesel or gaseous fueled gensets in various side-by-side arrangements that match the power output of large single engine units. This cost effective solution combines proven high volume engine designs with Generacís own switching and paralleling technology to provide a fully integrated system.

The initial MPS system is based upon diesel fueled units of 400, 500 or 600 kilowatts working in concert to offer outputs ranging from 800 to 3000 kW, and spark ignited gaseous fueled units of 150 to 200 kilowatts with combined outputs of 300 to 1000+ kW. In addition to the above models, Generacís Twin Pack Geminiģ gensets, rated at 750 kilowatts each, can also be combined in a modular fashion to offer 1500 and 2250 kilowatts of output..


The concept of paralleling multiple gensets to produce greater amounts of power is not new. In fact, it is a well-proven method commonly used with large megawatt units in premium installations. Up until now, it has not been economically feasible to combine smaller units in this fashion because of the high cost of traditional paralleling switchgear cabinets. Generac has broken the price barrier by combining its technical expertise, worldwide sources, and vertically integrated manufacturing methods to deliver this capability to an entirely new range of demanding applications, making this a powerful solution over a wide range of output requirements.

For additional technical information about Generacís Modular Power Systems, please see the Modular Power Systems Product Paper available to download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you need an Adobe PDF Reader, please click here.











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