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Generac Power Systems



Remote Monitoring Systems

Product Description

In addition to the built-in control panel, Generac gensets can be controlled and monitored remotely by personal computer using our proprietary software.

PowerManager™ System PowerManager™ System
is a controller that manages multiple generators. It ensures that they work efficiently, either individually or in concert. Under the control of PowerManager, they will operate not only with each other, but also in conjunction with utility supplied power.

The PowerManager™ controller will automate the starting and stopping of one or more generators, depending on certain conditions detected by the unit, and within the parameters set by the user. It can control generator sets with different kilowatt ratings, as long as they possess paralleling capability (such as Generac’s DG series and Modular Power System). A real time clock and calendar are included so the user can program Power Manager to vary its settings based upon the date and time of day.

The PowerManager™ is very flexible, as well as user friendly. Its numerous capabilities include base loading (having the generators provide the base power needed, supplemented by utility power during peak demand periods) and peak shaving (limiting the power being drawn from the utility and providing the excess needed from the generators).

With GenLink® software and a personal computer, the PowerManager system can be operated and programmed directly, or remotely, via an RS232 interface. Other features include:

  • Control of up to ten parallel-capable generators
  • Ability to prioritize generator usage to balance run hours
  • Power factor control of generators
  • RS485 serial communications between PowerManager and satellite generators
  • Commands and parameter settings are retained indefinitely in EEPROM

GenLink® Software
GenLink® Software is a remote generator monitoring and controlling software package that connects via RS232 or modem communications to any generator set equipped with a "D" or "E" model control panel. It provides a one-to-one connection via telephone line, connecting a personal computer to either a single genset, or to a PowerManager™ system controlling multiple units.

On the PC, GenLink displays a copy of the generator control panel with continuously updated information. Each generator’s operating condition, input values and operational parameters can be accessed easily via point-and-click menus and status screens.

GenLink is a flexible software system that gives the user numerous capabilities:

  • Display on your PC, a copy of the generator control panel with continuously updated information
  • Remotely start/stop the generator
  • Remotely load/unload the generator
  • Operate relay(s) remotely
  • Operate in standby mode — If an alarm occurs the panel will call out to the remote computer, GenLink will answer and log the call
  • Display the current status and generator configuration setting
  • Report alarm history and peak value history.
  • Print history reports
  • Manage multiple sites from one PC
  • Communicate serially or via modem























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