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Generac Power Systems



Telecommunications Systems

Product Description

Generac Power Systems has been serving the needs of the Telecommunications industry for over twenty years. Our power generation products have been designed to provide maximum value specific to our customers' needs. Offering products from 3 to 2000 kilowatts, Generac can support any network application, from a facility based central office to an outside plant remote terminal.

With over forty years of power generation experience, Generac has been put to work by some of the leading companies in the Telecommunications industry.

Generac – The Power Behind a Reliable Network

For critical applications, engine generator systems provide the emergency power solution required when customers cannot afford to have their communications down.

Generac manufactures power generation equipment designed to meet the demanding environment of Telecommunications applications. Whether installed in an environmentally controlled facility or exposed to the varied climates of the outside plant — our equipment is designed to perform and last. In all applications, the cost of network downtime due to power interruptions is increasing dramatically.

In any application, generators are the smart solution. Batteries alone cannot provide the extended outage protection that carriers require to compete in today’s marketplace. Generators, with limited batteries, offer the most economical solution when comparing weight, size and life cycle costs. Please review our comparison charts:


Facility Based Applications

No matter what operation the facility is performing, engine generators, ranging from 100 to 2000 kilowatts, have been the preferred solution for providing backup emergency power for critical central office, network operating center, data center and headend applications.

Sample applications by network type:
Wireline – Central Office
Fiber – Point of Presence (POP) Site
Wireless – Mobile Telephone Switch Office (MTSO)
Cable – Headend / Hub

Outside Plant Based Applications

In the wireless industry one of the keys to attracting and retaining subscribers is the integrity of coverage. New services and applications associated with the evolution to 3G networks will increase user demand and expectations for network availability. Carriers developing fixed wireless, broadband solutions will be required to offer carrier class reliability

Hybrid Fiber/Coaxial Cable
The growth in critical data traffic and telephony over upgraded coaxial cable networks has driven the need for increased reliability. Neighborhood installations require any solution to be small, quiet and safe to the general public.

Upgraded Telephony Copper Networks
As traditional telephony networks expand to include high-speed data, power sensitive electronics are moving out of the central office and into the harsh environment of the outside plant. Remote nodes utilized to house the necessary electronics are susceptible to power outages and require extended duration protection.

All of these network architectures rely on providing uninterrupted service in order to meet their customers’ expectations for availability. This comes at a time when utility power systems are becoming less stable and the likelihood of an extended power outage is increasing.

Whether an extended outage is caused by human error, equipment malfunction, or Mother Nature, Generac Power System’s engine driven generators (in conjunction with limited batteries) ranging from 3 to 100 kilowatts will provide the uninterrupted service required to keep your outside plant equipment up and running.





















































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