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Great American Desking Solutions - Nextech Technology Trading Desks - Nextech Linear Series - Nextech Electronic Trading Desks -Eurocraft trading and dealing desks. Custom manufactured products for office, and retail stores including: Trading/Dealing desk systems, Nextech technology desk systems, slotwall, and slotwall store fixtures

















































Nextech Linear Series technology desks
Trading Desk with Acrylic Divider
This trading desk has an acrylic divider for partial privacy.

Great American Desk Company manufactured theirr first Trading Desk in 1978, and added the Eurocraft Brand label to them in 1990. You'll have a hard time finding another manufacturer with the experience Great American Desk has and the exceptional record of innovation and technical leadership.

The Eurocraft Trading Desk offers the most cost-effective and flexible solution for a trading, banking, or financial services environment. Available as a one-person or two-person unit—which shares a single frame and IT storage area—the Eurocraft desk can be precisely tailored to fit your specific needs, budget and aesthetic preferences. Effortlessly accommodating multiple monitors, cables, and other essential equipment, Great American Desk trading desk offers users a well-designed and comfortable workspace that enhances productivity and makes it easy to excel.

Eurocraft trading desk
Trading desk with 10” slotwall for monitor arm attachment. The slotwall midwall acts as a “chimney” for heat dissipation.

Eurocraft trading desk with slotwall

Trading desk with slotwall, polyurethane nosing and space saver pedestal drawer unit and equipment storage unit at end.

Eurocraft trading desk full return pedestal drawer

Trading desk full return pedestal drawer unit and end desk.


Eurocraft equipment counter
Equipment Counter with CPU Storage.
Need room for your equipment?
Nextech plastic laminate
Whether its plastic laminate, wood veneer, paint or metal finishes, Nextech can accommodate your needs.

Gantries are an option


Gantries are an option to keep upper level monitor “bounce” to a minimum.

trading desk
Trading desk matched to your specifications right down to the millimeter.

Additional binder storage


Need additional binder storage or a funky look?

trading desk with toolbar
Trading desk with toolbar in lieu of slotwall.

contemporary trading desk

Contemporary and designed with the future in mind.

perfect trading position

The perfect trading position.

monitors can be mounted to slotwall
Monitors can be mounted to the slotwall or the toolbar as depicted here.
Trading desk - power where you need it
Power where you need it. For convenience power above.

power below the work surface.


Power below the work surface, easily accessible from above.

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