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Modbus Integration Module


The Modbus Integration Module enables RF Code’s Sensor Manager and Asset Manager applications to publish sensor information via the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. The Modbus Integration Module for Asset Manager and Sensor Manager, available as a separately purchasable item from RF Code and RF Code resellers, allows any Modbus TCP/IP compliant application (Modbus Masters) to consume RF Code sensor information.

Modbus Integration Details

Through the use of the Modbus TCP/IP protocol, all RF Code wire-free sensor information -- such as temperature, humidity, door position, dry contact and fluid detection -- can be easily utilized by Modbus Master applications. The Modbus Integration Module creates one or more Modbus Slave Devices, which are accessible via the TCP/IP protocol.

Once installed, the Sensor Manager or Asset Manager administrator uses the Modbus Integration Module configuration panels to setup and publish specific sensor information. The Modbus Integration Module configuration enables setup and customization of the following:

  • Modbus Slave Server:
    • Global enable or disable
    • TCP/IP port number
  • Modbus Slave Devices:
    • Creation and configuration of one or more slave devices
    • Selection of attributes from Sensor Manager or Asset Manager that will be associated to the slave devices
    • User defined filtering capabilities that controls specific groups or sets of attributes that will be published
  • Modbus Slave Addresses:
    • Provides an address mapping table that specifies RF Code sensor value/Modbus Index, Slave ID, and Address mapping information for easy configuration in consuming Modbus Master applications
    • Allows for easy exporting of the Modbus Slave Addresses to popular formats such as XML, CSV and PDF

Modbus Integration Specifications

  • The Modbus Integration Module requires Asset Manager or Sensor Manager version 2.3 or higher.

Features & Benefits

  • Works with Asset Manager and Sensor Manager
  • Software definable BACnet Slave Devices
  • Fully Modbus/TCPIP compliant
  • Compatible with most Building Management Systems









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