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electronic trading desks - flatscreen furniture - trading desks - enclosures - intelligent workspaces - command centers


UPS - power management - surveillance software - power distribution units


KVM over IP - KVM switches


plasma LCD - monitoring devices - cable management - fire safe enclosures - media storage racks


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Adaptive Asset Awareness.

Advanced Reporting Module


The Advanced Reporting Module adds enhanced reporting, charting and business intelligence capabilities to RF Code’s Asset Manager and Sensor Manager, allowing users total control over the content, format, layout and general look of reports and graphs. The following capabilities are provided by the Advanced Reporting Module:

  • Advanced lists, grids, simple tables and cross tab tables
  • Conditional formatting for any data in table or list utilizing such items as summaries, totals, averages as well as fonts and color coding
  • A wide variety of chart styles such as line, bar, pie, area, meter, scatter, stock, bubble, difference, Gantt, and tube
  • Display data in two dimensions
  • Customized headers and footers
  • Background watermarking Include static images
  • Include data from external data sources (other database sources)
  • Produce compound reports that combine multiple reports and charts into a single output


  • Seamless integration with Asset Manager & Sensor Manager
  • Custom tables, grids and lists
  • Data summaries
  • Conditional text formatting
  • Custom header and footer
  • Wide variety of chart styles:
    • Line
    • Bar
    • Pie
    • Area
    • Meter
    • Scatter
    • Stock
    • Bubble
    • Difference
    • Gantt
    • Tube
    • Watermarking
  • Multiple output formats such PDF, HTML, etc.


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