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JMX and Tivoli Monitoring Module


The JMX and Tivoli Monitoring Module enables RF Code’s Asset Manager and Sensor Manager products to publish data from the RF Code wire-free sensors to the Java Management Extensions (JMX) standard and seamlessly integrate with IBM’s Tivoli Monitoring application. The JMX and Tivoli Monitoring Module for Asset Manager and Sensor Manager is a separately purchasable item that is available from RF Code and RF Code resellers.

JMX Integration

All information collected by RF Code’s Asset Manager and Sensor Manager can be published to the JMX standard via an integrated MBeanServer making it available to any JMX monitoring or management application. The Asset Manager or Sensor Manager administrator has the ability to construct “publish sets” which determine what asset information and/or sensor information will be published. Multiple “publish sets” can be configured based on asset type, sensor type and location. Integration with JMX further enhances RF Code’s Asset Manager and Sensor Manager as open platforms and underscores the ease of which they can easily be integrated with other enterprise applications.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring Integration

By leveraging the JMX publishing capability, RF Code has developed seamless integration with IBM’s Tivoli Monitoring platform. All sensor data from the RF Code wire-free sensors such as temperature, humidity, door position, dry contact and fluid detection can be easily utilized by Tivoli Monitoring. This is accomplished via a custom Tivoli Monitoring Agent that consumes the sensor information published via JMX. All of the sensor information provided to Tivoli Monitoring can then be utilized in customized situations, policies, and actions just like all other metrics. The ability to leverage RF Code’s environmental sensor information greatly enhances the capabilities of Tivoli Monitoring to help IT administrators optimize their IT infrastructure performance and availability. Real-time temperature & humidity information can be proactively monitored via Tivoli Monitoring to identify environmental problems before crises develop as well as used in capacity planning. Immediate notification from fluid sensors allows Tivoli Monitoring to notify administrators of dangerous water conditions beneath raised floors in the data center and in remote IT closets. Real-time door position information can be used by Tivoli Monitoring to notify administrators when critical assets are physically being accessed. The JMX and Tivoli Monitoring Module is certified “Tivoli Ready” by IBM.


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