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M220 Mobile Reader


The M220 is a battery-powered, portable reader which processes active RFID tag data and links directly to a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled computing devices. The capabilities of the rugged, lightweight reader further enhance a customer’s ability to monitor mobile assets or personnel. It is equally valuable for the performance of on-demand audits and field inventories. It can be worn on a belt clip, mounted in a vehicle, stowed in a pocket or used in a variety of ad-hoc applications.

The M220 Mobile Reader interprets and reports the radio frequency messages emitted by RF Code’s active RFID tags at distances of up to 70 meters and reports signal strength information for each tag processed. Tag transmissions are processed in real time which enables asset managers to quickly locate and identify tagged assets. With software applications from RF Code’s integration partners, almost any Bluetooth-enabled wireless device can be put into service as an asset tracking terminal (when paired with an M220 Mobile Reader). Windows Mobile handhelds, notebook PCs, ultramobile computers and BlackBerry smartphones can be empowered for asset tracking and management purposes. RF Code’s patented communication protocols allow for very high tag densities. Large populations of tags can be monitored and inventoried using a single reader. In standalone Tag Collection Mode, the M220 can record and save more than 4000 unique tag IDs. When used in conjunction with RF Code’s sensor tags, the M220 can deliver real-time location, context and condition-aware data to managers in today’s most demanding environments.


The reader’s maximum sensitivity (maximum range) depends upon the operating environment. The operating read range is software configurable and can be adjusted for near and long-range searches. Continuous operating time is typically 8-10 hours on a fully-charged battery.



  • Mobile Form Factor with Bluetooth® Wireless Data Interface
  • Wearable, Lightweight Design with Full M-Series Reader Functionality
  • Enables Remote Inventory and On-Demand Search Applications
  • High Throughput Performance Supports Large Tag Populations
  • Patented Anti-Collision Technology to Manage High RF Densities
  • Software Configurable Range Control Settings
  • On-board Rechargeable Battery
  • Long and Short-Range Antenna Configurations
  • Direct API Interface Available


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