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R151 Tethered Temperature Sensor


The R151 Tethered Temperature Sensor is a battery-powered RF transmitter that monitors and reports the temperature observed by a digital thermometer that is embedded at the end of a 6-foot wire (tether). This modular design provides physical separation between the RF transmitter (tag) and the sealed temperature sensor itself; this allows the tethered sensor to be installed in harsh environments (particularly in applications where use of the R150 Temperature Tag is not practical, such as potentially wet conditions or inside freezers).

The RF transmitter will periodically report its own unique ID, along with the ambient temperature observed by the sensor (updated every 20 seconds). The R151 sensor is designed for use in a variety of challenging environmental monitoring applications. This form factor is particularly well-suited for environments where the RF transmitter (tag) module is mounted in open space while the temperature sensor is installed inside RF-blocking enclosures such as a metal ductwork or refrigerators. Mounting is easy and flexible; the tethered sensor can be routed into difficult to reach places, such as above a suspended ceiling or inside HVAC air ducts.


The RF transmitter (tag) comes in a polycarbonate enclosure with a strong industrial adhesive on the back of the enclosure. It can be securely mounted using adhesive, mechanical fasteners (screws) or zip ties. The digital thermometer (sensor) is sealed at the end of plenum-rate cable that can be detached from the RF transmitter (tag) during the installation process and then re-attached via screw-terminal block.


  • Accurate temperature monitoring within 2° F from 14° F to 185° F
  • Continues reporting temperature down to -67° F and up to 212° F (+/- 4° F typical)
  • Tethered temperature sensor can be installed inside a metal enclosure or submerged in liquid
  • Removable and re-attachable sensor cable
  • Industrial-strength adhesive mounting and flexible mounting options
  • Sensor and cable design suitable for plenum spaces
  • Monitor harsh environments (e.g., temperature/humidity extremes, condensation)
  • Encoded radio transmissions at 433 MHz
  • Works with all RF Code fixed and mobile readers


  • Real-time temperature monitoring for challenging environments
  • Leverages customers’ existing active RFID infrastructure
  • Ideal for high density environments, such as inside the data center


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