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R170 CDU Tag for Server Technology


RF Code’s R170 tags for Server Technology integrate with Server Technology’s CDUs which run custom firmware to support the RF Code device. The CDU Sensor Tag allows power monitoring information to be transmitted and utilized by RF Code’s “wire-free” radio frequency infrastructure. This results in comprehensive power monitoring information from Server Technology’s CDUs being made available in RF Code’s Sensor Manager application.

The R170-0B02 CDU Sensor Tag is compatible with Server Technology’s Smart and Switched CDUs with PIPS (Per Inlet Power Sensing) and with or without POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing). The tags periodically transmit their own unique ID and, depending upon the model of CDU, transmissions include CDU product information (model/serial/etc), CDU phase and outlet power usage information such as amperage, voltage, apparent power, active power, and breaker status. This solution enables customers to monitor power information from each CDU at a dramatically reduced cost by the elimination of wires/cables, IP addresses and IP address administration.




  • Encoded Radio Transmissions at 433 MHz
  • Power consumption and utilization trend monitoring, including:
    • Per Phase Voltage/Power
    • Phase Cumulative Energy Use
    • Per Outlet Watt-Hour
    • Feed-line Amperage and Overload Status
  • Works with Server Technology’s Smart or Switched PIPS CDUs
  • Integrates with RF Code’s Sensor Manager and Asset Manager software solutions
  • Easy-to-Deploy, “Wire-free” Monitoring
  • Low Power Consumption for Long Battery Life


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