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Zone Manager and IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT Integration Module


RF Codeís Zone Manager integration module provides seamless, real-time physical asset inventory, location information, and wireless sensor information to IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT.

Using a location processing engine, Zone Manager works with RF Code active RFID readers and location rules to determine the exact zonal position of an RF Code active RFID tag. In addition to physical location information, Zone Manager provides tag status (online or offline) and tag sensor information gathered from RF Code active RFID tags makes it available via programmatic and subscription interfaces, allowing external applications to easily obtain asset tag data and greatly reducing the complexity of implement an active RFID asset tracking system.

Zone Managerís integrates seamlessly with Tivoli Asset Management for IT, enabling real-time physical asset information availability for process automation, notifications, reporting, and alerting. Zone Manager works with Tivoli Asset Management for IT to provide new user interface panels that enable users to easily define and configure:

  • RF Code Zone Managers
  • RF Code Readers
  • RF Code Location Rules

Zone Manager also utilizes the sites and locations defined in Tivoli Asset Management for IT to accurately report the physical location of critical assets tagged with RF Code active RFID tags. Additional RF Code user interface panels enable Tivoli Asset Management for IT users to:

  • quickly associate RF Code RFID tags to assets
  • search for RF Code RFID tags
  • view RF Code RFID tags
  • view RF Code RFID tag sensor values (temperature, humidity, door position, etc.)
  • search for RF Coded tagged assets
  • view RF Code tagged assets details

All RF Code RFID tag and sensor information can be utilized to enrich existing business logic and process automation. The integration of these systems can result in powerful and dynamic results. Some example of possible applications of these capabilities include:

  • Inventory reports that includes real physical asset location
  • Inventory reports of all assets that are in the wrong location
  • Inventory reports of all assets that are offline
  • Immediate notification of an asset owner when an asset changes location
  • Immediate notification of asset owner and site security when an asset goes offline
  • Security reports of all doors monitored with RF Code RFID door sensor tags that are currently open
  • Facilities reports of temperature/humidity monitored with RF Code RFID temperature/humidity sensor tags





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