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Simplex Isolation Systems

SoundBlock Insulated Strips and Panels

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Close up of SoundBlock material


SoundBlock Insulated Strips and Panels

  • Up to a 48 decibel sound drop.
  • Excellent for high-frequency noise (saws, mills, compressors, etc.)
  • Available in clear vinyl outer layer for safety. Tinted and opaque colors also available.
  • 100% waterproof. Suitable for outdoor use. Easy to clean.
  • A smooth, sealed non-porous surface.

SB-4012 -- 12" strip
SB-4024 -- 24" strip
SB-4048 -- 48" strip

Also available in softwall curtains.

SoundBlock panels and strips are made from a three-ply system. We RF-weld two layers of .040 vinyl over a half-inch layer of heavy-duty bubble insulation to create a dead air space within the panel. This provides great sound attenuation, especially at higher frequencies.

SoundBlock has a smooth, sealed surface, making these curtains especially excellent for wet, oily and dirty environments. They are easy to wipe down and keep clean.


SoundBlock is made from sandwiching a one-half-inch layer of bubble pack between two .040 layers of vinyl. The resulting material, when used as a curtain or strip, can achieve a sound reduction of up to 48 decibels.

Architectural Specifications Amendment
SoundBlock transparent curtains shall be a Simplex double layer, .040 mil vinyl heat sealed, encapsulating a .5" layer of poly bubble pack.

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