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Waldemann Lighting


Adjustable Task Lighting:

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Office Lighting Proper lighting in the workplace is an essential part of creating a healthy and productive work environment. Proper light levels help eliminate headaches and eyestrain, and promote general well being.

The Illuminating Engineering Society in North America (IESNA) recommends an average of 30-50 footcandles as sufficient for lighting modern offices. However, older workers may need up to twice as much light depending on the specific tasks being performed. Incorrect lighting can cause eyestrain and fatigue, which leads to reduced motivation and lack of energy according to studies conducted by Dr. Ahmet E. Cakir of the Ergonomic Institute for Social and Occupational Sciences in Berlin.

Waldmann Lighting keeps ergonomic principals in mind with their complete line of adjustable, articulated arm task lights which are designed to work in conjunction with indirect or overhead lighting systems.

Waldmann's Twin-C Twin Component Lighting System features both indirect and direct light which creates natural, ambient lighting conditions. The uplighters, which radiate light towards the ceiling, complement Waldmann's direct workplace task lights perfectly to form a completely interactive system.

The indirect Twin-C component uplighter creates a pleasant light atmosphere in the room -- natural and glare-free. The direct Twin-C component office task light provides direct, and glare-free light to the document area. The task light can be individually positioned and features a parabolic louver which limits the exit angle of illumination to prevent glare.





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