1. Superior Security

Compared to the competition, Vertiv Avocent ACS 8000 offers stringent security via authentication, authorization and auditing features.
In additional support for all major authentication methods, Vertiv is one of the only vendors to offer one-time password (OTP) authentication for greater levels of flexibility in secure environments. The Vertiv Avocent ACS 8000 provides the following industry-leading security features:

-Local and group authentication, including support for RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, Active Directory, NIS and Kerberos with RSA SecurID

-Encryption for sensitive data center management activities using SSH and IPSec VPN with NAT traversal

-Configurable user security profiles to provide protected access and ensure alignment with corporate policies

-Comprehensive port-level online and offline data logging and buffering, with time stamps for compliance and user level audit trail with the ability to send data logs and alerts externally

-OTP authentication to report point-to-point protocol sessions and allow administrators to provide single-use passwords for limited access

2. Better Reliability and Availability

Vertiv Avocent has a strong reputation for reliability. Many of our customers have reported up to 10+ years of continuous operation with the ACS. Customers choose us because they can “set it and forget it” until they need it. In the event of a network outage, customers can rely on the ACS to provide remote in-band and out-of-band access so they can identify the issue and keep their data center running.

– A single point of authentication and policy enforcement allows network administrators to monitor and log each management keystroke and prevent unauthorized activity

-Remote access via internal modem, providing serial access to critical network infrastructure during network outages

– Automatic network failover to 3G/4G/LTE and failback for quickly ensuring network reliability at remote sites

-Support for 3G/4G/LTE router attached externally via Ethernet port to enable secure alternate access during primary network outage

– Redundant connectivity with dual power and dual gigabit Ethernet ports (230kbps data transfer speed)

-Fan-less architecture with low power consumption delivers higher Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates

3. Easier Connection and Configuration

Every data center manager must balance the cost of security, access, and availability; and one of the most expensive cost factors is personnel. The Vertiv Avocent ACS 8000 provides several ease of use features that the competition can’t match. For example, the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature of the ACS 8000 is expected to reduce installation time by up to 15 minutes per console. Depending on the number of consoles being provisioned, this feature alone can save a significant amount of time and money.
The Vertiv Avocent ACS 8000 offers several features that help streamline in-band and out-of-band remote access. These include:

-Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) functionality that automates firmware upgrades and new installs

– Dual Ethernet connections with built-in 10M/100M/1G copper and 1GBE Fiber SPF

-Software programmable pin-out connector to reduce complexity when connecting to Cisco, Juniper, Sun and other types of devices

– Easy connection to any kind of device using standard CAT5/6 cabling direct to RJ-45 interfaces or DB9/25 interfaces using terminal adapters

-From 8- to 48-port models with AC/DC/single/dual power deliver high efficiency

-Software programmable multi-protocol serial ports. 2 ports are user selectable between RS-485, RS-422 or RS-232

-8 USB v2.0 ports

-Sensor port (1-wire) for various environmental sensors (temperature/pressure/air-flow)

-Digital In ports: 4 digital-in port to support smoke, leak, pressure and dry contact sensors

– Remote access and control for a wide variety of IT and network equipment, including Linux, Unix or Windows servers as well as most routers, switches, firewalls, PBXs and PDU and UPS solutions

-Integrated power management via Vertiv rack PDU solutions and some competitive solutions

-Shell scripting that allows standardized deployment and faster troubleshooting

-Command line interface enables template scripting to standardize deployment for customer environments that are light on IT staff and skills

4.Centralized Management

Every datacenter is different and Vertiv Avocent offers tools to help customers centrally manage their multi-vendor environment. The powerful combination of the Vertiv Avocent ACS 8000 and DSView 4 Management Software offers access and control of any (physically or virtually) connected device, all from a single interface. Moreover, Vertiv’s unique hub and spoke architecture helps ensure availability of critical customer resources.

-Simplicity and standardization of processes and security with out-of-box LDAP, AD, NT domain, TACACS+, RADIUS with RSA SecurID and 2048 SSL certificate authentication.

-Unified, secure, “hands-on” control of geographically dispersed data centers and branch office infrastructure, enabling customers to manage operations from any location.

– Hub-spoke architecture that allows high availability, redundancy and distributed access to achieve business continuity.

-Access and control for other management devices including service processors (iLo, iDrac, IMM, RSA), KVM, console ports (Telnet, PuTTY or MIB) and rack PDUs.

– Secure web access to virtual machines (VMware, Microsoft Hyper V and Citrix