R&D Data Products, Inc. works to improve data center efficiency by improving reliability through intelligent, real-time physical asset management and environmental monitoring. We offer high-performance DCIM monitoring software, hardware, and services that support critical applications for data centers, communication networks, commercial and industrial facilities, and more. When you are in need of data center infrastructure management, software, or hardware, our company has the highest quality products from the most highly regarded manufacturers. We offer exceptional products from brands such as Sunbird, APC, Vertiv, and more for our customers. At R&D Data Products, Inc., we strive to provide only high-performance products. If you have any questions or concerns about our data center products, please call (847) 359-4949 or write us at info@r-ddataproducts.com. Some of the products we offer include:
  • Data center infrastructure management (DCIM)
  • Physical asset management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Monitoring software and hardware