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Power Protection Products

R&D Data Products, Inc. provides technical products that offer the ultimate in protection for your environment. Our high-performing power protection products are industry-leading solutions that increase data center efficiencies.

We offer power distribution units from a variety of well-known manufacturers. When you choose our company for your data center products, you will receive only the highest quality and latest technologies. If you have any questions, please call at (847) 359-4949 or write us at info@r-ddataproducts.com.

Contact R&D Data Products, Inc. today when you are in need of uninterrupted power supply systems, network-wide power management, or surge protectors. We have everything you need to ensure your data or command center is fully equipped and functional. Some of our exceptional products include:

  • Uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS)
  • Power distribution units (PDUs)
  • Network-wide power management
  • Surge protectors and suppressors
  • Basic power distribution
  • Monitored strips
  • Switched and non-switched
  • Integrated monitoring and management network cards

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