R&D Data Products, Inc. can get you closer to the ‘Edge’ by offering solutions for every environment and providing top vendor products for your Micro Data Centers including: APC, Vertiv, Rittal, Tripp Lite, Raritan, etc..

R&D Data Products, Inc. is your ultimate ‘Edge’ Solution. We will tailor to your needs to create the ultimate Micro Data Center Environment by offering multiple vendor and products solutions including:

POWER PROTECTION AND PDU’S: R&D Data Products, Inc. provides technical products that offer the ultimate in protection for your environment. Our high-performing power protection products are industry-leading solutions.

ENCLOSURES & CONTAINMENT: R&D Data Products, Inc. provides network enclosures and containment solutions that meet site-specific requirements. We offer an array of cabinet racks, cooling solutions, clean room enclosures, data center containment systems, cabling, and more

MONITORING SOFTWARE & HARDWARE: R&D Data Products, Inc. works to improve efficiency by improving reliability through intelligent, real-time physical asset management and environmental monitoring. We offer high-performance monitoring software, hardware, and services that support critical applications.

R&D Data Products will work with you from start to finish to fulfill your project requirements and help you obtain your ideal working environment.