Local & Remote Monitoring Panels

Autonomous microprocessor-controlled modules provide supervision and control of Liebert equipment, giving you the ability to monitor up-to-the-second status on system protection. Information can also be provided to centralized facility management.

Liebert OpenComms™
EM Environmental Monitor

  • Monitoring/alarm controller
  • Provides temperature/humidity sensors and dry contacts
  • Provides web interface using HTTP, user authentication, e-mail & paging notification, and SNMP support including Liebert Nform

Liebert Universal Monitor

  • Packaged alarm and notification unit
  • Monitors and controls Liebert equipment locally and remotely
  • Provides paging capability
  • Offers built-in LCD interface

Liebert TW420™ & THW420™
Environmental Sensors

  • Wall-mounted temperature/humidity sensor
  • Communicates to Liebert Universal Monitor
  • Installs easily

Liebert AC4™ & AC8™
Autochangeover Controllers

  • Autochangeover for precision cooling units
  • Balances system runtime for even component wear
  • Controls up to 8 cooling systems

Liebert Transformer Module
Centralized Power Supply

  • Self-contained power conversion module
  • Provides independently fused circuits

Liebert RCM4™
Contact Closure Alarm Panel

  • Displays alarm indication for dry contact inputs
  • Monitors up to 4 inputs from any combination of sources
  • Communicates with Liebert SiteScan Web

Liebert ENV-DO™ and Liebert iCOM-DO™
Environmental Discrete Output Interface Card

  • Environmental unit monitoring interface for BMS
  • Communicates with I/O, alarm panels, autodialers
  • Installs easily

Liebert vNSA™
Network Switch for Liebert iCOM™ Controls

  • Network switching for Liebert iCOM controllers
  • Facilitates team function for Liebert iCOM
  • Allows lead/lag unit control

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