MobileTrak Lite is a small, easy-to-use and easy-to-install mobile tag inventory and search application. Specifically designed to demonstrate the functionality of RF Code tags and mobile readers, MobileTrak Lite provides users with a perfect introduction to the capabilities of RF Code technology products.

MobileTrak Lite enables users to inventory and search for up to 25 tags using a simple to use and understand graphical interface. In “Inventory Mode” the reader will report the 1st 25 tag IDs encountered. The main screen lists a summary of all assets that have been located and enables users to filter the list based on a variety of tag status data (signal strength, motion, tamper, panic, and low battery). Users can also ”drill down” into the data gathered from each tagged asset to examine details or to additional information and notes made about the location and status of the asset. Tag ID lists can also be saved, exported, or e-mailed for later use.

Mobile Trak Lite also enables users to set the antenna range setting to one of the 8 preset modes. and when searching for a specific tag Mobile Trak Lite uses SSI values to provide visual and audible alerts to indicate tagged asset proximity. MobileTrak Lite enables users to input Tag search information in two ways:

  • Manual mode (user manually enters the asset tag IDs using a keyboard or stylus)
  • Automatic mode (data is “imported” or e-mailed to the device; no manual input is require

Operating System Info:

BlackBerry OS

  • Uses the entire screen real-estate on the BlackBerry. Screen navigation is like native BlackBerry applications.
  • Supports BlackBerry OS versions 4.1 and higher.
  • Supports most later models such as the 71xx, 72xx, 75xx, 77xx, 81xx, 87xx, 88xx.

Windows Mobile

  • Interface uses the entire screen real-estate on the Windows Mobile. Screen navigation is like native Windows Mobile applications.
  • Supports Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 Standard, and Windows Mobile 6 Professional (see hardware/software requirements)

Windows XP and Windows Vista

  • Interface functionality similar to the Windows Mobile interface.
  • Supports Windows XP SP 2 and Vista
  • Perfect for product demonstrations. Best used in demonstration mode on XP or Vista with a PC attached to a projector running at 1024×758.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Touch screen capability (the device has a stylus)
  • Bluetooth Wireless support (for connectivity to the M220 Mobile Reader)
  • Required Operating System:
    • CE.NET 4.2+
    • Windows Mobile Pocket PC version 5 (Premium Edition, Professional Edition, Phone Edition)
    • Windows Mobile version 6 (Professional Edition, Classic Edition)
  • .NET Compact Framework version 2.0 SP2 (or higher)

Compatibility Notes:

  • MobileTrak will NOT work with Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphones
  • MobileTrak will NOT work with Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  • All Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Classic devices come with the .NET Framework 2.0 or later.
  • Many Windows Mobile 5 devices come with an older (unsupported) version of .NET Compact Framework and may need to be upgraded. See this Microsoft Web page about upgrading the .NET Compact Framework.