Designed for use with the M210 and M220 Mobile Readers, MobileTrak® 4.1 enables mobile inventory collection of very large numbers of RF Code tags and tagged assets. MobileTrak 4.1 is designed to work as a standalone inventory tracking/inventory collection application that does not require a specific backend server to manage asset data. Instead, MobileTrak 4.1 exports data in common formats for use with a broad variety of applications.

MobileTrak 4.1 enables users to inventory and search thousands* of tagged assets using a simple to use and understand graphical interface. MobileTrak 4.1 makes inventorying large numbers of assets quick and painless. Using customizable job inventory definitions, MobileTrak 4.1 gathers data about all RF Code tags the reader encounters. Users can browse the collected tag data, ”drilling down” into the data gathered from each tagged asset to examine details or to add information about the location and status of the asset. Stored tag inventory data can be saved, exported, or e-mailed for later use.

Mobile Readers and MobileTrak software can provide a powerful asset management solution in physical locations where wiring and installing fixed RFID Readers is impractical. A single mobile reader can be used to inventory populations of tagged assets that move in and out of areas that are not covered by a fixed reader infrastructure. Mobile Readers can also be used to complement fixed readers to search certain broad areas in order to locate specific assets.

MobileTrak 4.1 also enables users to set the antenna range setting to one of the 8 preset modes. and when searching for a specific tagged asset MobileTrak reports SSI values to provide visual and audible alerts to indicate tagged asset proximity.

Operating System Info:

  • Interface uses the entire screen real-estate on the Windows Mobile. Screen navigation is like native Windows Mobile applications.
  • Supports Windows Mobile (see hardware/software requirements)

*The number of assets that can be discovered is limited to approximately 500 assets for each MB of free memory available on the Windows Mobile device.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Touch screen capability (the device has a stylus)
  • One of the following:
    • Bluetooth Wireless support (for connectivity to the M220 Mobile Reader)
    • PC Card slot (for the M210 PC Card Reader)
  • Required Operating System:
    • CE.NET 4.2+
    • Windows Mobile Pocket PC version 5 (Premium Edition, Professional Edition, Phone Edition)
    • Windows Mobile version 6 (Professional Edition, Classic Edition)
  • .NET Compact Framework version 2.0 SP2 (or higher)

Compatibility Notes:

  • MobileTrak will NOT work with Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphones
  • MobileTrak will NOT work with Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  • All Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Classic devices come with the .NET Framework 2.0 or later.
  • Many Windows Mobile 5 devices come with an older (unsupported) version of .NET Compact Framework and may need to be upgraded. See this Microsoft Web page about upgrading the .NET Compact Framework.

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