The APC NetShelter Rack Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) AP44xxA series is the Fifth-Generation range of high availability
switches offering greater control of your IT equipment from Cloud to Edge.

With Industry leading reliability, agility, and manageability the APC NetShelter Rack ATS provides redundant power to single-corded equipment loads in the IT rack.

The Rack ATS has been upgraded with the Network Management Card 3 (NMC3) and various other technical advancements
for network port sharing, environmental monitoring, and enhanced security.

The Rack ATS offers industry-leading transfer time and improved outlet connections to ensure seamless power switching without interrupting the critical loads.

Users can access and configure Rack ATS through secure Web UI, SNMP, CLI and are fully compatible with EcoStruxure IT.
This includes a variety of input-output connections in 1 Phase 100/120V, 200/208V, or 230V to multiple outlets ranging from
1440VA to 7440VA allowing users to address the most common power distribution requirements.