Asset Management

Track detailed information on all your data center infrastructure assets and even add your own custom fields
-Extensive detail and asset information including servers, networking, and storage
-Instantly get a picture of what assets you have, who owns them and where they are located
-Reports facilitate auditing and compliance of your assets
-Quickly search for assets and get detailed information with a click


Say Goodbye to Manual Audits, Say Hello to Auto-Discovery
-Discover virtual machines, servers, blade systems, network devices, rack PDUs, and all other SNMP-enabled devices simply by entering an IP
-Make IP address range searches more precise by specifying SNMP parameters, scan options, and what to discover
-Rapidly identify and correct inconsistencies between deployed assets and devices managed by Sunbird’s DCIM solution for a 100% accurate database
-Collect data via sources and tools like remote ping, MIBS, RFC 1213, host resources MIB-II, and VMware® vCenter
-Automatically add and update metadata, such as system name, description, system network interfaces (ports), virtual memory, disk storage capacity and percent used, make, number of processors, as well as system resources metadata like RAM, CPU, services, or processes for IT devices
-Make verification a snap with support for wireless handheld scanners and mobile apps

Search for Assets FAAAST -Anytime, Anywhere
Quickly find assets, no matter where you are in the software. Search across a wide range of criteria – including fields customized to your organization. Then refine your results through user-configurable filters and views.

Comprehensive Blade
-Configuration Support
-Automatically track weight of entire chassis as you add each blade
-View half height or full height of blades
-Track VM’s on individual blades
-Track network and other I/O cards, ports, internal routing and Virtual Networks, plus upstream connections
-Support for N, N+1, N+N power supply configurations
-Track blade and chassis configuration information
-Map power supplies to rack PDU outlets and see full upstream power chain

Cloning is too easy… Deploy a full cabinet of equipment in 60 seconds flat.
-Assets within the cabinet, such as servers, networking equipment, rack PDUs and data panels

-Data, power, and sensor ports on each asset

-Zero-U assets on the cabinet, such as zero-U rack PDUs attached to the front/back/left rear of the cabinet

-Far-end data panels and structured cabling

-Devices above and below the cabinet, such as busway outlets

Take your DCIM with you…
with our Android and iOS mobile app, easily scan, search, AND edit your DCIM database
-Critical information at your fingertips
-Faster, easier, more accurate, paperless auditing
-Works on Apple iOS and Android

Hi-res rack elevations
You don’t have to visit the DC floor to see what type of configuration you have in any rack…
-Drag and drop asset items within a rack
-See front and rear images
-See simple names
-Overlay and see port level labels

Discover and Track All Your Virtual Assets
Virtualization provides a dynamic environment for asset management that can utilize resources more efficiently than traditional servers and networking. Sunbird’s DCIM software integrates with the VMware vSphere platform to simplify discovery and management of virtual assets.
-Supports discovery and tracking of multiple vSphere hosts and virtual machines as assets in the software
-Syncs with vSphere on demand or at periodic intervals so your data is always up to date
-Generates email notifications and audit reports that log sync errors as well as changes to hosts and VMs so you can monitor your virtual environment
-Enables easy configuration of IP address, host name, protocol, username, password, and other vSphere attributes via Sunbird’s web UI