BI & Analytics

Your ultimate data center dashboard has arrived.
-Over 75 preconfigured widgets across 12 dashboard categories cover a wide range of data center metrics
-Works out of the box—no user configuration required
-Change the size and location of your chart widgets with intuitive, drag-and-drop simplicity
-Pull in third-party data from around the web with HTML widgets
-Gain full access to your data and generate self-service reports with SQL widgets
-Quickly filter, select, or deselect chart data points to refine your analysis

Visual data center analysis: Slice and dice your data any way you want it.
-Get full access to the raw data behind the dashboard
-View summary panels for an overview of your data
-Expand or contract the timeframe to get just the dataset you want
-Display or hide data points with one click to more easily spot trends
-Filter, sort, print, and export tabular reports to CSV or PDF to share with your team or management

Over 75 Interactive Reports at Your Fingertips.

-Sunbird’s prebuilt, interactive reports provide the data center business intelligence with the biggest impact for data center teams.
-Interact with data across the most meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for data center management
-View reports by category: Enterprise Overview, Enterprise Health What-If, Inventory, Space, Power, Cooling, Connectivity, Change, Tabular Reports, and DCOI
-Explore data summaries and graphical charts for high-level analysis or drill down to easily access the data that drives the report
-Enable aggregate functions that allow you to do counts, find minimum and maximum values, and calculate sums or averages across multiple criteria
-Filter, sort, and hide data to pinpoint the information that matters to you
-Export the raw data to CSV or PDF for external reporting