How do you know if you are over-cooling your data center? Are you paying for more cooling resources than you need? How can you be assured that you have a safe environment for your IT equipment? With servers generating more heat than ever and rack densities on the rise, hot spots are a natural by-product of the demands of modern computing. As a result, you may not be getting the alerts you need to notify that conditions exceed pre-set limits. Or you might not have a tool to see what will happen if you increase temperature, without creating a hot spot.

Fortunately, Sunbird offers complete intelligent Environment Management Solutions that not only help you identify potential trouble areas, but also helps you save energy and maintain a safe environment for your IT equipment.
Hot spots may be good for nightlife, but not for data centers. So take the first step towards eliminating them by scheduling an Environment Management Solution test drive now.

Our Data Center Management solution brings together the power of
-Data Center Monitoring of Intelligent PDUs designed to work with plug-and-play environment sensors – temperature, humidity, airflow, pressure, water, smoke, contact closure sensors, and yes, even a USB web cam.
-A full data center management software suite, including operations tool and monitoring software, with a configurable dashboard, alerts, cooling charts and tools to calculate savings from increasing rack temperatures.
-Plus, the industry’s best data center power management software compatibility with many third party rack PDU’s

Interactive Data Center Health Map
Real-time interactive data center floor map provides color coded bird’s eye view of key data including active power, current & capacity, temperature, humidity, air flow, differential pressure and events on per cabinet basis

Easily visualize data & identify hot spots in your data center
See Hot Spots at a glance
-Know when to increase/decrease temperature set points
-Know how much to humidify
-Easily manage to your thermal envelope
-Simplify how you manage airside economization
-Customizable Ashrae thermal envelopes

Avoid overcooling and save dollars
Safely increase temperature set points to save up to 30% of your cooling costs

Pre-Integrated with Leading Vendors of Environment Sensors
For a total, seamless solution, Sunbird DCIM works out of the box with leading vendors’ environment sensors connected to intelligent rack PDU’s and environment monitoring aggregators

Works with third party hardware & software