GaterJaw Framing System

The Revolutionary New Framing System! GatorJaw is new and great for manufacturing and facility engineers who must build solutions quickly and keep production running! Unlike T-slot framing, GatorJaw eliminates those troublesome nut inserts required for fastening pieces. Trim the GatorJaw rails to length with a cut-off saw for your particular project. The 1-3/4-inch square GatorJaw aluminum extrusion features patented square-thread, deep-grooves running the length of the GatorJaw rail on all four sides. Using matching fasteners, attachments are possible anywhere. GatorJaw is easy-to-use and looks great. Build workbenches, safety enclosures, process barriers – the list is endless. Available in kits with brackets, hinges, levelers and more.

U.S. patent #6,802,171