Easily visualize rack level power usage with smart rack view
-Total usage vs. budgeted capacity at a cabinet level
-Monitor cabinet level power usage trends over time
-With outlet level metered iPDUs see aggegrated power consumption across multiple power supplies in a server

Simplify Validation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance
By Knowing your real time and trended power consumption at every point in your power chain

Remote Power Control Made Easy
Let Sunbird DCIM do the hard work of mapping servers to individual power supplies to outlets in rack PDUs so you can control power in a snap

-Eliminate trips to the data center
-Improve MTTR and uptime
-Save time and money
-Save the environment

Do you know how much power capacity you have?
-Power consumption gauge
-Power capacity forecast trend
-Trending load by data center, room, rack, or customer

Build your customized dashboard in less than 5 minutes
-Easy to use drag & drop
-Create & share any report needed
-Custom widgets
-Integrate with other systems


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