Smart PDU

Easy to use and access, Smart PDUs from Server Technology offer input current monitors on easy-to-view LED via network or serial connection. These PDUs feature branch circuit protection and are available in a variety of voltages, amperages. Available in single- and three-phase.

Our Smart PDUs are guaranteed secure and feature external authentication and authorization support, while SNMP traps provide automated alerts surrounding each outlet’s power and environmental conditions. Optional temperature and humidity probes, with 10 ft. cords, offer flexibility in terms of sensor placement.

Other Server Technology Smart PDU features include:
-Simple to use, easy to access, secure, integral HTML Web GUI over HTTP/S, plus LDAP/S and TACACS+ external authentication and authorization support
-SNMP traps for automated alerts related to power and environmental conditions. Also features event notification via Syslog and email
-Three-Phase products sport a separate LED for each phase for easier load balancing
-Branch Circuit Protection
Available in 120/208/230/400/415 V, 16A/20/30/32/60/63A, single-phase and three-phase.