ViewSonic monitors equipped with USB-C ports deliver versatility and convenience with just a single, simple cable.

Be More Productive with ViewSonic Docking Monitors

Enjoy safety, flexibility and productivity with ViewSonic. ViewSonic offers a diverse range of display solutions to help companies make the most out of their flexible workstations.
Featuring state-of-the art ergonomic design, ViewSonic® docking monitors are the perfect setup for your changing work environment. With USB-C single-cable connectivity, RJ45 wired Ethernet connection and a USB hub for your accessories, there’s no need for expensive docks. One cable provides everything you need to connect and start working.
Enjoy peace of mind with an industry-leading warranty on all ViewSonic monitors and access to an award-winning customer support team.

Kill the Clutter

By providing video, audio, data and charging over a single cable, USB-C reduces clutter by eliminating the need for HDMI, DisplayPort and other cables. When paired to a USB-C equipped laptop, a ViewSonic® USB-C monitor delivers a clean and functional working space that can be setup in under 30 seconds.

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