The 433 MHz R150 Temperature Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that monitors temperature-sensitive items, such as assets in IT racks. Periodically reporting its own unique ID along with the ambient temperature observed by the tag, the R150 is designed for use in a variety of environmental monitoring applications.

This affordable sensor tag is sealed in an impact- and splash-resistant polycarbonate enclosure with a strong industrial adhesive on the back of the enclosure. Mounting is easy and flexible, allowing customers to monitor asset surfaces or air temperature; tags can be mounted on fixed surfaces or suspended in the air (via zip ties). The R150’s form factor ensures clear signal transmissions in high density deployments, such as within racks and data centers.

The tag operates with a very low duty cycle that translates to long battery life (typically > 3 years at a 10-second beacon rate). Based on the ratings and specifications from the battery manufacturers, RF Code develops usage models to calculate the life of the active RFID Tags. Like all models, there are assumptions and approximations involved. The values are to be taken as engineering estimates – not guaranteed performance. Exposure to extreme temperatures will shorten the battery life. RF Code warrants all tags to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year.

Featuring a low-battery alert, the tag will continue to monitor and report temperature for at least two months following the initial low battery condition. After that, the tag will continue to broadcast its unique ID and a low battery indication with each beacon, but will not report temperature until the battery is replaced.


  • Accurate temperature monitoring within 2°F
  • Encoded radio transmissions at 433 MHz
  • Specifically designed for use with rack installed assets
  • Industrial-strength adhesive mounting and flexible mounting options
  • Works with all RF Code fixed and mobile readers


  • Real-time temperature monitoring for safe protection of racked assets
  • Enhances customers’ existing Active RFID infrastructure
  • Ideal for high density environments