Remote serial and KVM access

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Please check out a couple of our KVM & SERIAL Remote access solutions below

Dominion® SX II

Next-Generation Serial Console/Terminal Server-
The Dominion SX II is Raritan’s next-generation Serial Console Server (Terminal Server) that provides IT and network administrators secure IP access and control of serial devices, anytime, anywhere. The SX II is the most powerful, secure, reliable, easy-to-use serial-over-IP device on the market. SX II provides convenient access to networking devices, servers, PDUs, telecommunications and other serial devices

Features Include:

  • Powerful 1GHz CPU engine, with an 8-fold increase in RAM
  • Flash memory, up to 8 GB, for storage and logging
  • Dual power supplies and dual gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
  • 4, 8, 16, 32 and 48 port 1U secure appliances
  • Java-Free serial access
  • Automatic DTE/DCE detection
  • Military grade security

Dominion® LX II

KVM-over-IP for Small to Midsize Businesses-
LX II is the next generation KVM-over-IP switches for small to midsized IT environments. A single switch can connect to 8 or 16 multi-platform servers and serial devices. It accommodates 1 or 2 remote users and 1 local user. Easily connect to VGA, DVI, HMDI, DisplayPort, USB, PS/2, Sun®, and serially controlled servers

Features Include:

  • Java-free, IP-based, BIOS-level access and control
  • Universal Virtual Media™
  • Absolute Mouse Synchronization™
  • Remote IP and at-the-rack access
  • Optionally connect to 2 to 8 serial devices via DSAM

Dominion® KX IV-101

single port KVM-over-IP switch-
KX IV-101 is a single port KVM-over-IP switch which provides remote access to a single server, PC, or workstation via LAN, WAN, and the Internet. Easily connect to VGA, DVI, Mini DisplayPort, and USB-C. It accommodates up to 8 remote users and 1 local user.

Features Include:

  • Ultra-high performance 4K and 1080p
  • Java-free, KVM-over-IP access
  • Smartphone configuration with the Raritan KVM appr
  • High performance KX IV user station, supporting 1 to 3 computers

CommandCenter® Secure Gateway

All-in-One Hardware or Virtual Appliance-
Raritan’s Command Center® Secure Gateway (CC-SG) is an easy to deploy, plug-and play appliance that provides IT administrators and lab managers with a secure, single point of remote access and control. Raritan’s CC-SG consolidates multiple remote access technologies, including Dominion® KVM-over-IP switches and serial console servers, Raritan PX PDUs, service processors, and in-band methods such as RDP, SSH and VNC.

Features Include:

  • Integrated VMware Virtualization Support
  • High Availability and Redundancy
  • Scalable and Flexible Remote Access
  • Ease of Management for Administrators
  • Java-Free Access for Users

Raritan Secure Switch (RSS)

Secure NIAP-Compliant KVM Desktop Access to Computers-
Proven desktop access solution for guarding against cyber intrusion for government and military agencies. The RSS is lab tested and certified to meet the requirements of the latest NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Devices version 3.0. Isolate computers at different classification levels.

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