RF Code provides, free of cost, a collection of reader utilities and a software development kit (SDK). The SDK (which includes sample source code) can be used by asset tracking and mobile asset management solutions providers to build customized software applications that integrate with RF Code’s active RFID technology products.

Software developers and systems integrators working in enterprise sectors including IT, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, construction and defense arenas can benefit from direct access to data collected by RF Code’s active RFID reader family. Developers will have access to the reader through a documented and open application programming interface (API), giving them the flexibility to develop industry-specific inventory, search and security applications.

The utilities that are included with the SDK are designed to take advantage of the sophisticated features integrated with RF Code’s active RFID reader technology. The utilities can be used by end users as-is, or as examples of applications that can be created using the SDK. The following utilities are bundled with the SDK:

  • Reader Configuration Utility: A Windows-based utility for upgrading and configuring M200 and M250 Readers.
  • MobileTrak® Lite: A demonstration application designed to run on mobile devices (BlackBerry, devices running the Windows Mobile operating system, or a PC running Windows XP or Vista). MobileTrak Lite uses Bluetooth or a USB connection to communicate with your RF Code Mobile Reader. MobileTrak Lite receives tag information acquired from the Mobile Reader for up to 25 tagged assets, enabling you to easily locate specific assets or inventory assets which have been “tagged” with an RF Code active tag.
  • Tag Collection Utility: A Windows-based software tool that works in conjunction with the M220 Mobile Reader to inventory tagged assets. When used in standalone Tag Collection Mode the M220 Mobile Reader can record and store more than 4000 unique M100-series tag IDs. The Tag Collection Utility can then be used to download this inventory data to a PC via USB or Bluetooth, enabling discovery and management of assets in areas beyond the perimeter of a fixed reader infrastructure or use of the the M220 Mobile Reader as a complimentary search device within a dedicated, multi-zonal system featuring RF Code fixed readers.