Enclosure Systems

While computers and other sensitive electronics have changed over the past years, one thing remains constant: excessive heat, poor power quality and unauthorized access can damage or impair the operation of vital systems and peripherals.

Liebert IP Telephony Availability System
UPS, Distribution and Enclosure

  • Pre-packaged power/enclosure solution for IP Telephony systems
  • Meets Cisco test requirements to support many Cisco systems
  • Includes Liebert on-line UPS, power distribution, monitoring and enclosure

Liebert MCR™
Mini Computer Room Enclosure

  • Secure, air-tight rack enclosure
  • Provides integrated cooling
  • Protects rack equipment with Liebert UPS and power protection equipment

Liebert XDF™
High Heat Density Enclosure

  • Integrated cooling — digital scroll compressor for efficient and precise operation
  • Air or water/glycol heat rejection
  • Air cooled (self-contained) unit provides plug & play installation
  • Offers reliable automatic back-up ventilation

Liebert XDK-W™
Water Cooled Rack Enclosure

  • High heat density enclosure with integrated water based cooling
  • Cools with speed controlled, n+1 redundant fans
  • Operates at a low noise level
  • Introduces no additional heat load to the room

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