Large Facilities, 40kVA to 1000+kVA

Liebert offers UPS and backup power to protect large data centers, as well as facility-wide protection for sensitive electronics. Redundant configurations and dual bus capabilities ensure continuous operation for critical systems.

Liebert NX™, 40 – 200 kVA On-Line UPS

  • Scalable UPS protection for growing data centers
  • Offers models with capacity growth without increasing footprint
  • Allows parallel configurations for capacity or redundancy
  • Operates with up to 97% energy efficiency

Liebert Npower™, 30 – 130 kVA On-Line UPS

  • Large-scale UPS in a small footprint
  • Operates efficiently powering non-linear and partial loads
  • Offers multiple configuration options including 1+1 redundant and dual bus
  • Performs quickly and accurately with digital controls

Liebert® NXL™, 250-750 kVA On-line UPS

  • UPS protection for medium and large facilities
  • Single and multi-module systems with latest generation technology
  • Matching battery cabinets and maintenance bypass cabinet

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