PM 10/20 PDUs

PM 10/20 Rack PDUs
Power measurement, control and management for your remote IT equipment.

The PM rack PDUs include 10 and 20 outlet models that support strip level metering and outlet level switching for remote power management and control. This family of rack PDUs includes horizontal and vertical models for a variety of rack configurations in branch and remote offices. These rack PDUS reduce the need for costly on-site visits or service calls to reboot or power cycle servers and other network devices at remote locations.

For a total solution, the PM10/PM20 devices can be used with other Avocent appliances for integrated IP access to the attached equipment along with power control for improved remote management. All Avocent PM rack PDUs include two RS-232 outlets that allow the creation of daisy-chains with up to 128 outlets. This chaining capability allows for multiple PDUs to share the IP address of the Avocent appliance they are connected to.

When used with other Avocent appliances these PDUs can be centrally managed using the DSView® 3 management software for secure access and control across multiple locations.

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