KVM Switches

Raritan offers a wide variety of “digital” (KVM-over-IP) and analog KVM switches for organizations of every size and servers of nearly every platform. Fully interoperable and scalable, Raritan’s line of KVM solutions offers IT professionals the most reliable, flexible and secure data center management products anywhere, including the most security conscious IT departments of many government agencies around the world.

Raritan’s Paragon® analog KVM switches provide secure, “out-of-band” BIOS-level access to servers. Raritan’s IP-Reach® gateway enhances analog switching with anytime, anywhere remote access. Raritan’s Dominion® KVM-over-IP switches provide anytime, anywhere BIOS-level access over LAN, WAN, Internet connections or over dialup connections if IP networks are unavailable.

Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway integrates the management of Dominion, Paragon II and IP-Reach appliances (as well as serially managed devices across the enterprise, with a single sign-on to a single IP address.

Dominion KX
Dominion KX an enterprise-class, secure, digital KVM appliance that combines analog switching with the industry’s highest-performing KVM Over IP technology.

Paragon II
Paragon II Cat5 KVM Switch is the latest version of Raritans award-winning Paragon family of Cat5 KVM switches, unified management software, integrated power management, IP access options, and easy expansion via stacking.

The innovative Z-Series is a “zero-U” KVM solution that enables access and control of up to 42 servers from a single user console. It is designed to be scalable up to more than 1,000 servers.

A simple, yet fully-featured, highly-scalable KVM solution that enables one to four users to access and control up to 16 servers (expandable to 1,024) regardless of platform.

An affordable, multi-platform, single-user KVM switch, available with models for two, four and eight computers, that is expandable to control up to 64 computers.

SwitchMan KVM switch is perfect for the small or home office that needs a desktop KVM switch to control two or more PCs.

Paragon UMT-2161RK
The Paragon UMT2161 Matrix Switching Unit brings Paragon Power and Cat5 Simplicity™ to small to mid-sized server rooms, at an entry level price.
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