One-Touch Systems

Ergotech Group’s One – Touch flat panel monitor mounts exhibit instant fingertip adjustment of monitor height and position. They hold multiple monitor sizes and weights with minimal adjustment. The mounts allow total control of monitor positioning for easy viewing while also freeing up desk-top space and reducing clutter. The gas lift system ensures that the monitor remains stable while still allowing fast and smooth “one-touch” height adjustment. The swivel joints permit an articulation range from 5 to 26 inches, allowing users to position from tight to extended reach situations.

Single Articulating One-Touch Arm Monitor Mount (Model: 300-F02-S01)
Adjust LCD monitor for optimum ergonomic comfort with this monitor mount’s articulating arm. Select grommet mount, desk clamp, wall mount, and flush mount models.

Dual Articulating One-Touch Arm Monitor Mount (Model: 300-F02-S02)
The Dual Articulating One –Touch Arm monitor mount allows two monitors to be mounted side by side. They can be adjusted separately or as a unit. The model is available in grommet, desk clamp, flush, and wall mount interfaces.