Single Tiered Multiple Monitor Mounts

Dynamic, expandable multiple monitor mount solutions for high density, multi-screen environments.

Single Tiered Multiple Monitor Mounts maximize workstation space in multi-screen environments like financial trading floors, call centers, and command and process control centers. These versatile units allow for quick effortless monitor adjustments which are ideal in ever changing work environments with shift changes where different teams utilize the same workstations.

Ergotech solutions are renowned for flexible, scalable design and interchangeable components. With the addition of key components, Single Tiered Multiple Monitor Mounts can easily expand from supporting 3 to 10 monitors. Opt for Direct Mounts or enjoy the additional benefits of Articulating Mounts.

Low Profile Articulating Mount
Low Profile Mounts start out supporting 3, 4 or 5 LCD monitors and can easily expand to support 10 monitors with the addition of interchangeable Ergotech parts. They are specifically designed for narrower depth, high density desking applications. The exclusive vertical adjustment handle permits a simultaneous, single plane, up and down movement of all monitors.

Apex Series: Ultimate Multi Mount
Superbly designed and engineered Apex LCD multiple monitor mounts meet the changing demands of multi-screen environments and accommodate 19” to 30” monitors. The unit is specifically designed to handle the future migration to larger screens.

Articulating Mount
Articulating Mounts provides all the benefits of Low Profile Mounts and can expand from supporting 3 or 4 to 8 monitors. The articulating arms give users the added ability to fine tune monitor distance for optimum comfort and well being. These are specifically designed for deeper desks.