Zone Manager – BizTalk Integration

RF Code RFID Integration with Microsoft BizTalk RFID

RF Code provides integration between its Zone Manager application and the Microsoft BizTalk RFID server. The integration allows RF Code’s real-time tag location data and wire-free environmental sensor data to flow to BizTalk RFID.

Microsoft BizTalk RFID is a device management and event processing platform. It is designed to provide a scalable, extensible platform for development, deployment, and management of rich RFID and sensor solutions. BizTalk RFID enables customers to capture more business relevant data and integrate that data with existing processes through BizTalk Server or replicate data to a SQL Server database. BizTalk RFID bridges the gap between core enterprise processes and physical operations and assets.

The RF Code integration module for Microsoft BizTalk RFID is included with each copy of Zone Manager. The Zone Manager integration provides the following active RFID events to BizTalk RFID:

  • Asset tag & sensor tag events:
    • location changes
    • status changes (online / offline)
    • battery status
  • environmental sensor readings
    • Reader events:
    • reader status (online/offline)
    • reader statistics (noise level, tag event rate, etc.)

The Zone Manager integration is compatible with Microsoft BizTalk RFID version 3.6 and higher.

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