A real-time location engine designed specifically for use with RF Code’s asset tracking and wire-free environmental monitoring solutions. Zone Manager is designed to be integrated with one or more business applications via its open application programming interface (API). Zone Manager handles all of the direct hardware interfaces for RF Code readers and tags. Zone Manager is the fastest and easiest path to integrating with RF Code.

Zone Manager provides a simple yet powerful API interface that allows consuming applications to access real-time tag status, tag location and tag sensor data as well reader status information. The data from Zone Manager is about tag information – not asset information. The consuming application integrated with Zone Manager is responsible for associating tags to assets and tracking additional asset information. The same concept applies to sensor information coming from Zone Manager as the consuming application is responsible for trending, alerting, etc.


  • Powerful real-time middleware engine
  • Works with RF Code asset tags and sensor tags
  • Easy to use API in two formats:
    • Telnet API interface
  • Web API interface
  • Java application (runs on both Windows and Linux)
  • XML, JSON, or CSV output allows for easy programmatic data parsing
  • Highly scalable
  • Supports UpConnect
  • Web 2.0 based administration GUI
  • User configurable rules based engine for determining precise location
  • Standard integration with IBM, Microsoft, and APC NetBotz