Zone Manager – WebSphere Integration

RF Code RFID Integration with IBM WebSphere Sensor Events

RF Code provides integration between Zone Manager and the IBM WebSphere Sensor Events server. This integration enables RF Code’s real-time tag location data and wire-free environmental sensor data to be utilized by WebSphere Sensor Events.

WebSphere Sensor Events is a robust, extensible Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application platform that provides the middleware infrastructure to create and manage enterprise-class sensor solutions. It provides a sophisticated, intelligent business rules engine to develop complex event identification from multiple types of sensor data, speeding time to deployment and increasing process flexibility and control.

The RF Code integration module provides the following types active RFID events to WebSphere Sensor Events in real-time:

  • Asset tag & sensor events
    • location changes
    • status changes (online / offline)
    • battery status
    • environmental sensor readings
  • Reader events
    • Reader status (online / offline)
    • Reader statistics (noise level, tag event rate, etc.)

RF Code’s integration module for WebSphere Sensor Events is included with each copy of Zone Manager. It is compatible with WebSphere Sensor Events version 6.1 and higher.

The combination of RF Code’s active RFID based asset tracking or wire-free environmental monitoring products and IBM’s WebSphere Sensor Events application creates an industry leading solution for customers who need to develop, deploy, and manage secure sensor-based solutions that are reliable, scalable, flexible, and extensible.

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