High Exposure

Emerson Network Power offers surge protection products that are ideal for the most severe exposure locations. This family of surge protection devices attenuate the level of transients experienced at service entrance and distribution panels.

Liebert Type SS™
Surge Suppressor

  • Modular TVSS
  • Meets standards for Motorola R56 compliance
  • Offers ideal protection for communications equipment
  • Increases reliability with 160 kA surge current capacity

Liebert AccuVar®
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor

  • Non-modular TVSS
  • Offers an ideal solution for distribution panel-mounted surge suppression
  • Protects against transient surges and electrical line noise
  • Retrofits easily to existing distribution panels

Liebert Hybrid Advantage™
Surge Suppressor

  • Modular Hybrid TVSS
  • Provides fast response to high energy surges
  • Operates with highest surge current capability and survivability in the industry
  • Protects against system failure with Active Disconnect System

Liebert SI Interceptor II™
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor

  • Modular facility-wide TVSS
  • Offers surge current rating from 160kA to 1MA
  • Provides best-in-class filtering
  • Indicates real-time status

Liebert Interceptor™ ATF Series
Active Tracking Filter

  • Active Tracking Filter with modular TVSS
  • Provides best-in-class voltage attenuation and best-in-class attenuation of 100kH ringwaves
  • Indicates real-time status

Liebert LM™ Series
Surge Protection Device

  • Modular facility-wide TVSS
  • Provides Individually fused components
  • Indicates real-time status
  • Offers remote monitoring capabilities

Liebert PanelGuard™ Extension
Surge Protection

  • Modular panelboard-mounted TVSS
  • Permits addition at the job site for enhanced protection
  • Filters high frequency electrical line noise
  • Installs easily

Liebert AccuGuide®
Interconnect Assembly

  • Coaxial surge suppressor interconnect wire
  • Maximizes performance of connected surge device
  • Reduces clamping voltages
  • Reduces voltage loss

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